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Secondhand car

Secondhand car in Utrecht

If you are looking for a used car, or a secondhand car, we will gladly help you find the right one.

In our showroom at the Weerdsingel Oostzijde 42, you will find several secondhand cars. So you are welcome to come by 6 days a week (monday – saturday) to have a look at the cars. You will find several brands of cars such as, Peugeot, Citroën, Daihatu, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Audi, Toyota, you name it. Therefore, Autoweerd is a occasiondealer which deals in all different kinds of cars.

If there is no suitable secondhand car for you in our showroom, we will still help you find the right one. Currently the supply in used cars is overwhelming. That is why we offer free assistance to our customers. Our salesman is an expert in occasions and he will help you find your perfect vehicle. If you want help, stop by at our car company (6 days a week) or call 030 303 1600.

Buying secondhand cars

When you buy used cars, it is important to make sure you buy a car which drives save and feels good. We recommend to make a test drive, before you buy the car. Just to make sure the car is right for you and it drives well. You can experience the car itself and its adhesion.  If that is right, and you are sure of your purchase, a guarantee is recommended as well. Before we sell the car, the car is checked on several components because Autoweerd only wants to sells the best. About 120 components will be approved. But still, the possibility exists that something will break. Therefore, a guarentee is recommended. More about our guarentees? Find it here!

Contact information

Would you like to have more information? Or have you already seen a car on our website that might suit you? Then you can ring us on 030 – 303 1600, or send and email to Of course you’re also welcome to come see us in person!


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